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News from the on-board systems work area

Conference papers for EMC Cologne 2022

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At the EMC Conference in Cologne, the Onboard Systems Working Group was represented with several contributions on EMC in motor vehicles and reported on current developments.

The contributions of the Onboard Systems Working Group to the EMC Cologne in 2022 can be viewed under the following links:


Austermann, C.; Frei, S.: Simulation-based analysis of the immunity of extended CAN FD networks to electromagnetic fields., EMV Cologne 2022

Austermann, C.; Kleinen, M.; Olbrich, M.; Jeschke, S.; Hangmann, C.; Wüllner, I.; Frei, S.: Immunity analysis of 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1 automotive Ethernet communication systems using direct power injection., EMC Cologne 2022

Nowak, R.; Frei,S.: Near-field based characterization of a fast bus system to determine the interference potential and the design of filter measures., EMC Cologne 2022

Dörlemann, T.; Aigner, J.; Bendicks, A.; Frei, S.: Comparison between parallel and pseudo-cascaded adaptive notch filter architectures for broadband active suppression of electromagnetic interference., EMC Cologne 2022

Bendicks, A.; Dörlemann, T.; Krause, C.; Frei, S.: MATLAB/Octave function to evaluate time-domain signals according to the measurement bandwidth and average/peak detector of EMI test receivers., EMV Cologne 2022

Krause, C.; Bendicks, A.; Frei, S.: Nonlinear EMC optimization of periodic gate drive signals in the frequency domain using Newton's method., EMC Cologne 2022